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Academic Enrichment

We pride ourselves on cultivating children’s intrinsic motivation toward the learning process, developing an innovative curriculum and obtaining excellent results. Our programs are holistic, intimate, individualized and online by design. Class size is limited to one student per class for optimal results.

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English     Reading/Writing

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Standardized Tests Preparation


English Reading/Writing Program (K-12th Grade)

Families come to us both for our outstanding gift for teaching and our commitment to excellence. Our English Reading/Writing Program is fully customized for students ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. Every student and family is supported by a team of experts in reading, writing, phonics, counseling psychology and child/adolescent development to ensure the holistic experience and exceptional outcomes.

Program Highlights

  • English Reading Program

  • English Writing Program

  • Research-based Practices

  • Support and Accountability

  • Private One-on-one Lesson

Several Open Books

Standardized Tests Preparation Program (K-12th Grade)

Despite the recent changes in standardized test requirement in school admissions, standardized tests remain crucial to the school application process and test preparation is vital to students’ admission to the most selective schools. We specialize in SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, among other types of standardized tests. With years of experience in test preparation and vested interests in students, we pride ourselves on unrivaled results.

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  • SAT

  • ACT

  • SSAT

  • ISEE

  • Other Standardized Tests

Program Highlights

Academic Enrichment Testimonials

“Melody’s reading and writing skills have gotten so much stronger since starting with H&H. We found the H&H team professional, passionate and dedicated. In addition, as a result of H&H’s admission assistance, Melody will be starting her middle school in one of New York City’s best independent schools this fall! We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Jenny, C.

Parent of 5th Grader

“Evelyn was shy and avoided writing. H&H’s teachers went above and beyond to support her –Dr. Hsu even sent a hand-written letter to support her transition to a new school. Evelyn is now a confident reader and writer. Our problem now is that she likes English so much more than Chinese!”

Shirley, H.

Parent of 6th Grader

Q. What is the English Reading/Writing Program?

Our English Reading/Writing Program is designed to enhance your child's English reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. With a holistic approach and research-based pedagogy, we seamlessly integrate all four domains of English skills in our program. Our curriculum covers a wide range of areas, including phonemic awareness, phonics, alphabet learning, vocabulary development, fiction and non-fiction reading, narrative writing, expository writing, creative writing, research paper writing and public speaking to foster holistic development in English.

Q. How does the English Reading/Writing Program work?

Our virtual classrooms are facilitated through Zoom and Google Classroom with all sessions being held in a real-time, one-on-one setting for optimal engagement. Drawing from the Common Core Standards and employing age-appropriate literary work and strategies, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cater to each student's needs and lay a strong English language foundation for each student.

Q. What types of students benefit from the English Reading/Writing Program?

Our program is designed to support students of different ages and English proficiency levels. We work with both native and non-native students as well as those who need additional support or seek challenges.

Q. How are you different from your peers?

We differ from our peers in the quality of our educators, the relationship with our students, class delivery method, rigor of the curriculum and our accountability system. Our teachers are exceptional and have a minimum of 20 years of US classroom experience. We are relation-based and take a genuine interest in our students and supporting their holistic development. Our class is always in real-time with the same teacher for consistency and every class is recorded for students to review and quality control. Our rigorous curriculum is professionally designed and tailored to each student's needs. Our accountability system includes report cards, parent-teacher conferences, class surveys, and close communication with parents to set every child up for success.

Q. How do you measure success? 

We measure our success both by our students' progress, increased motivation and the changes in their relationship with reading and writing. Our students frequently exhibit remarkable strides in their academic pursuits and motivation to learn within a brief span of time. They become avid readers, enthusiastic writers and develop a love for learning. Our most gratifying moment arises when we convey to our students that they have reached a stage of achievement that no longer requires our support.

Q. Why do you also work with parents?

We believe in partnership when it comes to helping children thrive. We provide parents with practical strategies to assist their child's language acquisition development and coach parents to motivate and work with their child.

Q. What is the most frequent feedback you receive from families you work with?

Apart from the significant advancement our students achieved in their English reading and writing abilities, parents have repeatedly testified that their children have developed greater autonomy and drive to succeed. This development not only contributes positively to the children's English achievements, but also serves to improve family dynamics. This is the result of our holistic approach and we take great pride in being part of this process.

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