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School Admission

Applying for schools is a complex, anxiety-ridden task for students and parents alike. With years of experience spanning from pre-kindergarten through college, our team has guided numerous families to exceptional results with our unmatched expertise, insight and integrity.
Young Women with Backpacks

College Admission

With backgrounds in K-12 education and US/UK college admission, our team is exceptionally effective at working with students and families. Every student receives our personal guidance in areas of school choice, essay writing, interview preparation, defer and waitlist responses and transition to the college itself. Our process is transformational and empowering; the results, unmatched. We also work with students on college transfer applications. 

Program Highlights

  • Resume Building

  • School Selection

  • College Essay Coaching

  • Interview Preparation

  • Family Dynamics Facilitation
College Application

Independent School/ Boarding School Admission

Independent School/Boarding School has long been looked at favorably by the most selective colleges when it comes to admission consideration. Admission to Independent School/Boarding School is competitive and the process can be daunting. With years of experience in and relationships with US Independent Schools/Boarding Schools, our team has helped numerous families gain admission to some of the most exclusive institutions. We also provide post-admission guidance to ensure a holistic experience.

  • Resume Building

  • School Selection

  • Application Essay Coaching

  • Interview Preparation

  • Family Dynamics Facilitation

Program Highlights

Young Women with Backpacks
Our Resuts

Our Results

K-12 School


  • Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

  • Kingsley Academy

  • Milton Academy

  • Park School



  • Hathaway Brown School

  • Hawken School

  • University School

New York City:

  • Brooklyn Friends School

  • Chapin School

  • Horace Mann School

  • Nightingale Bamford School

  • Spence School

  • United Nations International School​


San Fransisco Bay Area:

  • Bentley School​

  • The Girls Middle School

  • Woodside Priory School

Seattle: ​

  • Eastside Preparatory School

  • Holly Names Academy

  • Lakeside High School


  • Barnard College

  • Boston College

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • Columbia University

  • Cornell University 

  • Dartmouth University

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

  • New York University

  • Northwestern University

  • Rice University

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • University of California, Los Angeles 

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • University of Southern California

  • Vassar College

  • Wellesley College

  • Williams College

  • Yale University

School Admission Testimonials

I really appreciate Dr. Hsu for all the guidance throughout my daughter’s application process. Dr. Hsu led my daughter to reflect on her path to produce authentic, exquisite and empowering essays. I truly believe that Dr, Hsu’s impeccable work ethics, compassionate guidance and insight on college admission led to my daughter’s admission to Cornell University. Phenomenal guidance! Totally exceeded my expectations!

Vivien L.

Parent, Cornell University

Testimonial-School Application

Q. What does your School Admission Service include?

Our School Admission Service includes strategizing, school list curation, essay guidance, resume creation, interview preparation, financial aid advising, post-admission decision support and family dynamic facilitation.

Q. How does the School Admission Program work?

The School Admission Program is facilitated through Zoom and Google Classroom with all sessions being held real-time in a private setting. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted and caters to each student's needs to ensure optimal process and results.

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Q. What types of students do you work with?

Although we specialize in gaining admission to highly-competitive schools, students need not have perfect GPA or standardized test scores to work with us. The only requirement is a drive to succeed and an openness to feedback.

Q. How are you different from your peers?

We differ from our peers in the quality of our counselors, the relationship with our students, our process and holistic approach. Our team is professional, extremely-skilled, passionate and compassionate. We are relation-based and take a genuine interest in knowing our students. We are honest and ethical. We do not follow templates or model essays and our process is organic and genuine, leading each student to find their own path. We specialize in essay writing and pride ourselves on the rigor of the process. We work with parents throughout the process to help mitigate family’s stress. We pride ourselves on the level of care we put into guiding each student and family. The outcomes, phenomenal essays and exceptional admissions results, are the natural product of our process.

Q. How do you measure success?

We gauge success through both the process and the outcomes. The task of completing applications can be daunting. We cultivate a process that encourages introspection and authenticity. As a result, our students have gained admissions to some of the most prestigious institutions. A rewarding process and phenomenal results define our success.

Q. Why do you also work with parents?

We understand that parents might have viewpoints that differ from those of their children and family communication is important for the application process and outcomes. We are effective and compassionate in navigating family dynamics. We view all of these areas, not just the admission outcomes, as the core essence of the application process. The triumphant admission results that occur are simply by-products of this holistic approach.

Q. How are the best essays crafted?

Crafting the perfect essay can be an intimidating task, but it doesn't have to be. The essays are not simply a laundry list of your child’s achievements, nor a letter to beg for admission–the two biggest and most common mistakes students make. Best essays bring to light one’s innermost self. This is our specialty. Our students have won admissions to the most selective schools by showcasing the grace and authenticity we have uncovered within them. Lastly, when crafting an essay, allotting ample time for the writing process is essential. Rushed work is the perfect recipe for rejection.

Q. Will you write essays for my child?

No, we will never write essays for anyone. Having Artificial Intelligence or someone else write your child’s essays is not only unethical, but also actually hurts your child’s chance of admission. Instead, we guide your child on the path to finding their own stories, a process that opens up the road to their dream schools and success in life.

Q. How can one stand out from the rest of the application pool?

While it can be tempting to imagine a magic formula that leads to admission to the elite schools, unfortunately, no such formula exists. Observing your child, giving them space to explore their interests, allowing them to fail and learn from their mistakes, keeping communication open and building a trusting relationship are the building blocks of success. Fully committing to this process will give your child their best chance. When it comes to the application process, being authentic and reflective gives your child the ultimate advantage in school admission.

Q. How to choose the right school? 

Choosing a school can be an overwhelming process due to the wide variety of academic rigor, location, school culture, diversity and size. It is important to carefully weigh these factors when selecting a school to ensure the right fit. Researching academic offerings and admissions requirements, and speaking with current students or recent alumni are great ways to understand if a school meets your child’s academic needs. Evaluating the academic programs offered by the institution should also help your family determine if the academic environment supports your child’s interests. The locations and campus should be considered, as well as factoring in potential student life at that institution. Examining institution safety, diversity and community engagement can help you get a better understanding of a school’s culture. Lastly, consider another key factor – school size – to make sure that your child feels comfortable and can reliably access the resources they need. Assessing these variables carefully can greatly help with your child’s school choices, and thus their academic success.

Q. What is the most frequent feedback you receive from families you work with?

Parents often tell us that their children have become more independent, confident, and motivated in addition to gaining extraordinary admission results and acquiring elevated writing skills. Also, parents’ anxiety level decreases and their relationship with their child strengthens, which both further contribute to their child’s success in application. Witnessing such transformation is priceless and our proudest moment.

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