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Case Story

Student Name: Chloe L.
Student Age: 6th grade
Student Region: San Francisco Bay Area

          Upon entering our program at the end of her second grade, Chloe demonstrated a rudimentary level of English, equivalent to that of a kindergartener in the US. At that time, Chloe attended a bilingual school in Taiwan where she faced typical challenges of a second language learner. We started by implementing a reading curriculum while building her vocabulary, phonics and grammar skills. Chloe's English proficiency quickly improved and gained admission to Johns Hopkins University’s CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Social Studies Program. Our insightful team also recommended theater class to develop Chloe’s confidence.

            Through our school application service, Chloe was admitted to a number of prestigious independent schools in the United States, where she commenced her sixth-grade education. The transition proved seamless for Chloe, who excelled in all subjects, achieving exemplary grades across the board. Chloe's learning journey was marked by her unrelenting dedication and the collaboration between her family and our team. We take immense pride in Chloe's success. Today, Chloe is a huge fan of the Braves!

Case Story

Student Name: Jonathan C.
Student Age: 7th grade
Student Region: Taiwan

          A talented and accomplished golfer, Jonathan joined our program in the fifth grade while attending Taipei European School, an all-English-speaking school in Taiwan. Jonathan initially enrolled with us twice a week, reluctantly, since Jonathan’s academic strengths lie in math and science and English had never been his forte. Within a few months, Jonathan had made remarkable progress and weekly classes would suffice. Shortly after, he had surpassed grade-level standards and we gladly advised him to forgo our summer program. 

          Jonathan now is regarded as “the kid that is good at everything" in his school, one known for its rigorous English curriculum and grading system. Jonathan continues his study with us and has grown into an enthusiastic reader and writer who looks forward to each session with us. We continually assist in Jonathan’s holistic development and academic guidance to prepare him for his future study in the US.

Yale-School Application

Case Story

Student Name: Max H.
Student Age: 5th grade
Student Region: Los Angeles

          Introducing Max, a fidgety third-grader who struggled in school with subpar reading and writing skills. Upon joining our program, we prioritized understanding his learning style, strengths and weaknesses. After conducting a thorough assessment, we created a personalized curriculum to cater to his needs and bridge the achievement gap as well as implementing an accountability system to monitor his progress. The following year, Max made remarkable strides in his reading and writing abilities, achieving "Standard Exceeded" on the 4th-grade California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. Max’s parents were thrilled to witness Max evolve into a self-assured and engaging student. Tears of joy, indeed. Max now exudes happiness, motivation and confidence, always eager to devour new books!

Case Story

Student Name: Ava K. 
Student Age: 8th grade
Student Region: Seattle

          When Ava, a diligent, intelligent and reserved adolescent, joined our program in 7th grade, she lacked confidence and struggled with English, especially the oral component. Our approach involved integrating all four language domains in the lessons to strengthen her language foundation while building her oral language skills. To further bolster her confidence in public speaking, we infused theater elements into her curriculum. Throughout her time with us, our team of English teachers and guidance counselors maintained close communication with Ava's family on her holistic development and adjusted our supporting strategies accordingly. Gradually, Ava started to take risks in her learning and became proactive in her own paths. Now, Ava stands as a poised and grounded young lady. We are immensely proud of her remarkable progress!

Yale-School Application

Case Story

Student Name: Stephanie L. 
Student Age: 9th grade
Student Region: Malaysia

            Stephanie, a Taiwanese national, had spent her early years attending a local Chinese-speaking public school before her family relocated to Malaysia in her fifth-grade year. This marked a challenging transition for Stephanie, as she was enrolled in an International Baccalaureate (IB) school where English was the primary language of instruction. As a result, Stephanie was unable to keep up in school.

            To support her, we not only worked on her English foundation but also integrated science and social studies academic language into our curriculum to bridge the gap. Stephanie was promoted to a native-English language track within one year, a remarkable achievement that impressed all her school teachers. Since then, Stephanie has consistently performed well in the demanding IB program, a testament to her hard work and our approach. In addition to academic support, we also guide Stephanie on pursuing higher education in the United States. Stephanie is now well on her way to achieving her goals and we are proud to have played a role in her success!

Case Story

Student Name: Arthur L., Lucas L. 
Student Age: 4th grade, 5th grade
Student Region: Taiwan

          Arthur and Lucas, two Taiwanese brothers in 3rd and 4th grade respectively, were losing interest in learning English when they sought our support. We quickly introduced our reading and writing program to build their comprehension and confidence while strengthening their phonics and vocabulary. The two brothers had both private and joint sessions, allowing us to address their individual needs while also capitalizing on their complementary strengths. Our methodical and research-based approach to language instruction takes into account their individual personality and learning style and we coached their parents in providing effective academic support.

          After just a few sessions, their passion for English was rekindled and their school grades soared from 65 to 95, a testament to their newfound confidence and improvement in English. Now, the two siblings' shared learning experience has fostered a close bond between them and they continue enjoying their learning journey with us. 

Case Story

Student Name: Amy K., Ethan K.
Student Age: Preschool and 1st grade
Student Region: Boston

            Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese, along with English, are components of the six-year-old Amy and four-year-old Ethan’s family linguistic repertoire. Ethan possesses a gregarious nature and a keen desire to learn, while Amy, thoughtful and circumspect, is often reluctant to engage in class discussions in school, thus limiting her opportunities for language practice. To address Amy’s challenge, we tailored our approach to enhance her oral responsiveness and incorporated her love of wordplay and creative writing into her language development. Amy's swift progress soon became evident and she began relishing her school experience.

            The siblings frequently engage in shared reading activities and their parents remain committed to nurturing their children's development across all three languages. Their journey serves as a testament to the richness and dedication of a multilingual family heritage. The siblings also gained admission to several prestigious Boston independent schools through our School Admission Program.

Case Story

Student Name: Amelia L., Clairette L., Kaitlyn L.
Student Age: 1st grade, 6th grade, 8th grade
Student Region: Taiwan

          Amelia, Clairette and Kaitlyn are three sisters who sought our English language instruction. Kaitlyn, the eldest, joined our program in the seventh grade. Kaitlyn was initially introverted and lacked confidence in learning English. Furthermore, her foundation in grammar, phonics and pronunciation was weak and she had never read a chapter book in English before. Clairette joined our program in the fifth grade and faced a comparable situation to that of Kaitlyn while Amelia, the youngest of the siblings at only five years old, had no prior knowledge of the English language.

          For Kaitlyn and Clairette, we adapted graded classic literary works from Oxford’s Bookworms Library to build their confidence and interest in English while working on the foundational skills. Both Kaitlyn and Clairette’s English abilities improved significantly after a brief time that Kaitlyn even won her school’s English-speaking contest and competed at a city level. Amelia, despite having only 30-minute lessons twice a week, made exceptional progress in English, reaching the grade level of U.S. students in only half a year. Today, the three sisters bond over their love for English!

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