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Student Testimonial

Thanks for your love, kindness, support and caring heart! A thousand lines couldn’t express my gratitude!

Shuyuan Liu

New York

//Thanks for your endless support and encouragement.  You guided me to find my own destination and meaning.

Diane Chen

New York

... outstanding teaching methods … I am grateful to have Ms. Hsu being my teacher …. I hope that many others will meet a teacher like her.

Jack Momeyer

New York

Several Open Books

Parent Testimonial

Your words empowered us to find confidence, direction, wisdom, love and resilience

Yufang Xv


Following your suggestions, we’ve seen great improvements in her English within a short three months … Every time I feel lost, I reread your articles and recall some of the advice that you gave. We will continue to follow your learning methodologies.

Rita Chiang


//Tremendous knowledge on language and culture...impressive skills in teaching... so successful … great skills in adapting her methodologies and strategies ... motivate students in learning … an excellent teacher.

Yong Hu


School Testimonial

It was also invaluable for us to benefit from your linguistic expertise.  You helped us with proposed methods of language teaching and ….made a great contribution to discussions on curriculum…

Donald Wilkinson

​Head of School

Whittle School & Studios

… the catalyst to our school's journey of improvement.

"Dr. Hsu is a creative, forward-thinking educator who provided key modeling of techniques for our journey towards teaching Mandarin in a way that blended traditional learning with the unique ethos of our school.  She was responsive to our desire to see learning in action and more than willing to jump into leading lab-sites so that our teachers could learn by observing her and then implementing the practice themselves.  She has a strong desire to make learning accessible for all!"

Genevieve Ermeling

Assistant Head of School

Concordia International School Shanghai

Made every effort to meet the needs of individual students ... involved her students in the learning process … developed a strong rapport with parents … a true professional, a strong pedagogical background, … devoted herself whole-heartedly.

Frank Bruno

Head of the Modern Language Department of United Nations International School

//Extremely passionate, utilized many effective methods and theories, well-trained and current with the latest research, well thought-out and perfectly executed lessons… creative, dynamic, friendly, responsible, professional and thoughtful … delivered her absolute best for her students and brought out the best from her students ... related to students in such a personal way ... had a fantastic rapport with her students … 

Turned students around from failure to success, in both subject matters and attitudes toward school and themselves..  Educated the whole child … a strong role model and inspiration for her students ...

Debra MacRae

ESL teacher, United Nations International School

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