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English Writing Program

Our writing classes are highly-individualized with 6-8 students in each class.  Teacher and students meet once a week for 1.25 hours and each class lasts for 6 weeks. Our engaging and interactive program creates a safe community where students are both supported and challenged.  Due to the intimate size of our class, student interview is required for acceptance to the class.

  • Creative Writing :

The Creative Writing class teaches elements of storytelling, such as feelings, thoughts, emotions, and rhythms. This course unleashes students’ creativity with innovative and interactive writing exercises to develop characters, plot, setting, and point of views.

  • Academic/Research writing :

Academic research writing, a major genre in US colleges, can be daunting for non-US students for their lack of exposure and practice in this area.  This course guides students in learning and practicing citation, research, information synthesis, and thesis development.

  • Writing with Voices :

Writing is to articulate human minds.  This course aims to help students find their voices by developing ideas, substantiating arguments, and developing viewpoints with the power and beauty of language.

  • Writing without Fear :

Writing is an intimidating process, demanding authenticity, risk-taking, and confidence. This course guides students through the process of writing with educational and psychological strategies to transform reluctant students into enthusiastic writers.

  • College Essay Writing :

Composing a compelling personal essay can be the most critical part in US college application and it creates enormous stress for students.  This course guides students to find and articulate their own winning stories to gain admission to their dream colleges.

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